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Environmental Team

Hello and welcome to the Environmental team's webpage! We hope that you enjoy seeing what we have been doing at Valence...

The ECO Teams

Each site has its own ECO Team.

Bonham Eco Team:

  • Zarin Choudhury
  • Mubaruk Ashiru
  • Tahlia Williams 
  • Reece Carter 
  • Yumna Zakaria
  • Ben Skinner 
  • Evie Carter
  • Veer Patel
  • Angela Khumbula 
  • Kieran Jokhan

St Georges Eco Team:

  • Callum Hammond
  • Oba Adetona
  • Temi Ajala
  • Latifah Lavery-Misango
  • Ellie Kellaher
  • George Bird


Our Eco-code

Here is Valence's 'Eco-code', which one of our Environmental team designed. Every class has one and they are positioned around the school in communal areas, to help everyone to remember how to keep Valence an eco-friendly place:

Eco Code

Eco Assemblies

The ECO team gave an assembly to children from Y1-Y6. They talked about how we can work together to be an environmentally friendly school.

We discussed how we have different bins in school and how we have to be careful to put our rubbish in the correct bins. We have red bins for paper and blue or black bins for all other rubbish.

We also discussed how we should not litter and what harm this can do to the environment.

Finally, the ECO team reminded everyone how important it is to turn off the lights when you leave a room. Mrs Fogarty told us that a new bulb for every projector costs around £400 (which is a lot of money!) so we should remember to turn off the projectors and visualisers too!

We know that it's our job to work together to make our school an environmentally friendly place to be!

A selection of pictures from one of our ECO Assemblies at St George's.



This is our Eco display, we update it regularly with Eco information, competitions and even have a suggestions box for children to share their ideas of how we can make Valence a 'greener' place.

Eco School Board

Eco Footballs

Y5 and 6 kept losing their footballs! They came up with their own creative solution to make their own balls out of recycled newspaper. They've been a great success. Look out for the skittles game with recycled bottles that's coming soon!

ECO Football

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