Science Challenge

Science Challenge

Get involved in our November Science Challenge - Wind Vane

November Science Challenge: Wind Vane

You will need adult help for this.


  • A pencil with a rubber on top
  • A straw
  • Card cut into shapes (see picture for the shapes that you need)
  • Plasticine/play dough
  • A pin
  • Tape or glue


  1. Cut out the card shapes for each end of the wind vane and fix in place with tape or glue (the arrow end needs to be a little bigger than the tail end so it can be pushed by the wind).
  2. Roll the plasticine/play dough into a ball and push the pencil in (make sure the top of the pencil is in the plasticine).
  3. Ask an adult to carefully push the pin through the straw and into the rubber.
  4. Make sure that the straw can spin freely. Choose a spot outside that is not sheltered from the wind so the wind vane can spin.

You could then use a compass to work out which way the wind is blowing.

Please send a photo on Class Dojo to your teacher. All entries will receive a sticker.

The Science:

Wind is a natural movement of air across the surface of the Earth. It is driven by energy from the sun. It can range from a light breeze to a dangerous hurricane or tornado. Wind forms when air moves between areas of different pressure. Wind is a renewable energy source, so it can be used over and over again.

Science of the Month: Renewable Energy

Choose one of the following topics to investigate:

  1. Find out which country has the biggest wind farm in the world. How many wind turbines does it have?
  2. Investigate what renewable energy sources are being used in the UK today.
  3. Find out why hurricanes only happen in certain countries around the world.

You can also download our Science Challenge as a PDF.