NARP (NURSERY Assessment Resource Provision)


Our personalised curriculum focuses on building communication, interaction and independence. These are the building blocks for our children to secure their foundations before they move on to their next setting. Parents’ priorities for their child are important and we consider these within our curriculum.


Our personalised curriculum enables children to take part in a wide range of experiences tailored to their needs, interests and motivation. This is implemented through structured teaching, one-to-one and small group work and ensuring children are transferring skills. We implement all outside professionals’ input throughout.


We ensure the impact of our personalised curriculum by using observation to record what a child can do and next steps, use of assessment within one to one learning e.g. workstations to ensure skills are embedded and use of Developmental Curriculum to track progress across EYFS areas. Termly meetings are held with parents to ensure they share how they feel their child is progressing. All this monitoring of progress impacts on the curriculum through planning next steps for each child.

Mainstream Nursery

Our children access our Mainstream Nursery to enable them to interact with a larger group of peers and transfer play skills which they have learnt within the NARP in a free flow setting. A member of NARP staff supports our children in interacting with others and extending their play as needed.

Outside learning opportunities

Our children have access to their own outside area which continues to be structured with a high level of adult support as this is the most successful method for our children to learn. They also have access to the mainstream nursery outside area where they can transfer the skills they have learnt in the NARP to a free flow setting with a larger group of peers.

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