At Valence Primary School, our science curriculum intends to provide every child with the tools and scientific knowledge needed to enable them to think and act scientifically.


At Valence Primary School, our science curriculum intends to provide every child with the tools and scientific knowledge needed to enable them to think and act scientifically. We aim to nurture and grow their natural curiosities and foster a sense of wonder and excitement about natural phenomena, whilst developing their understanding of how science effects and changes the world we live in.

We want children to recognise the importance of science in every aspect of life and to explore confidently, question and challenge the world around them. Our curriculum will enable children to become enquiry-based learners collaborating through researching, investigating, and evaluating experiences. It will encourage respect for living organisms and for their environment. We aim to raise awareness of the ecological issues facing this generation of learners as well as to encourage a solution focussed approach to the challenge of climate change.

Our science lessons ensure that all children are exposed to high-quality teaching and learning experiences. We encourage our pupils to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave, and analyse causes through different types of scientific enquiries and investigations. Where appropriate, we will provide opportunities for meaningful cross-curricular work for example when collecting, presenting, and analysing data.


Valence Primary School uses ‘Science Bug’. This scheme provides full coverage of the National Curriculum, following the programmes of study for each year group carefully. It provides the right balance between working scientifically and learning scientific facts. In addition, teachers enhance lessons using recommended materials such as, ‘Jigsaw PSHE’, ‘Explorify’, ‘BBC Bite Size’ and the Association of Science Education materials where appropriate.

Knowledge Organisers and Moderation Materials are widely shared for every unit of work to provide a progressive sequence of study. These include ‘sticky vocabulary and sticky knowledge’. Teachers are expected to explore previous learning as the starting point for each new unit e.g., through a brainstorm or mind map. The use of Concept Cartoons and ‘Explorify’ is encouraged to challenge common misconceptions. Children are expected to investigate, discuss, test, and develop their ideas practically. They should suggest their own questions, predictions, and methods, giving clear reasons. Children will be able to build on prior knowledge and link ideas together. Children are also asked to review their learning at the end of each topic.

In addition, our monthly Science Challenge encourages a home-school partnership to build Science Capital through shared discussion, research, and enjoyment. We also participate in National Science Week and hold an annual Science Fayre to showcase our achievements.

Work from every year group is sampled every half term to ensure that learning is progressive and continuous. Each class also keeps a science ‘floor book’. Both provide an extensive compendium of previous exemplars to support teachers and learners.

Trips and visits from experts also enhance topics. Every child will visit the Science Museum.


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